My Beauty & Cell Rejuvenation Programme

My Beauty & Cell Rejuvenation” Programme

If you would like to rejuvenate your body and mind, then this programme is for you. Our natural methodology will flush out the toxins from your body allowing cells and tissue to renew, leaving you happy whilst looking and feeling much younger.

This holistic programme is perfect for those looking for a natural and non-invasive approach to anti-ageing. This approach works for the inside and outside which aids in strengthening your whole system, smoothing not only your skin, but improving your mind to generate an overall state of healthy wellbeing.

This 6 month Beauty & Cell Rejuvenation Programme was specially designed to combat physical, emotional and mental ageing.

Our tried and tested natural programme helps reverse the signs of aging, restores energy, vitality and gives a youthful glow all in 7 steps:


Nutrition: Composition of an individual diet plan



Stress Management

Building New Lifestyle habits

Skin Care

This programme will aid in situations such as:

Preparing for a wedding, important meeting and/or life changing event

Wanting to look after yourself, improve your motivation level and look/ feel younger and happier

Lowering stress levels to help rebuild your mental well being

This programme varies from other conventional methods in many ways and these are only some of the advantages to my approach:

  1. Simple and straight forward – It’s very easy to understand and follow. There are no complicated formulas. You do not need to weigh the ingredients you use or keep an eye on the portions, in fact it’s totally the opposite, you will be able to eat meals in your desired portion sizes!
  2. Affordable – You will not be asked to buy expensive shakes, ready meals or ingredients. My programme will be set for 6- 12 months, dependent upon the weight you would like to achieve.  You pay a one-off cost for the programme with no hidden extras. It means if you split your cost monthly it works out extremely affordable as I guide you with tailor made dietary advice along your weight loss journey.
  3. Convenient– You will spend only a small amount of time during the day on preparing your food and cleaning your kitchen allowing you more time to focus on the other things you care about.
  4. Powerful– You should expect to see some results after just one week!
  5. Flexible– You can adapt the programme to fit your current lifestyle, holidays or evenings out. You can focus your time on the gym or any other sport/workouts if you want to stay fit, healthy and flexible whilst using the programme to further help with healthy weight loss.  Whilst I believe that partaking in sport and fitness are beneficial to your health and promote healthier wellbeing physically and mentally; If sports or the gym are not your cup of tea then that is fine but keep moving throughout the day.  Even walking promotes great health benefits!

Keyword: new relationship, new job, recovery after pregnancy, important event, moving on after stressful situation or an event in life, body detox, natural treatment, improved body tone, balanced and healthy meals, sugar craving, nice and healthy skin, nails and hair.

Programme difficulty level: medium

Attention: To qualify for this programme you need to be motivated and open minded. This program was built on methodology and practices offered by Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy Chinese/Oriental medicine.

Please Note: To prevent copyright infringement you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.