About me

Beata is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Certified GAPS Practitioner. She has been trained on GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride; author of Cooking Techniques for Gut and Psychology Syndrome in addition to Chef Monica Corrado, MA, CNC, CGB.

Her healthy living passion has been a lifelong endeavour through a focus on both healthy eating coupled with lifestyle.

Beata undertook a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Poland (her beloved country of origin) and now actively helps by focusing her efforts regarding the Autistic Spectrum and other GAPS conditions.

After graduation she moved to the United Kingdom where she began to deepen her knowledge on the topic of a healthy lifestyle, clinical dietitian, herbalism and tailored nutritional programmes for weight loss.

Since 2011 her thirst for knowledge regarding nutrition and healthy living has grown stronger and this has extended her vision on helping others along their own journey utilising an extended network of specialist precursors to nutrition and diet such as: Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, Chris Kresser, Mark Hyman, Josh Axe, Joseph Mercola, Sally Fallo amongst others.

Beata is passionate about traditional, nourishing cooking and fermenting recipes that focus on a traditional method “The way our Grandmother’s practised” as Beata likes to phrase the term. In her kitchen you can find a cupboard full of fermented cabbage, kimchi, beet kavass, sourdough, kefir, yoghurt, raw fermented cream and butter. Her personal beliefs and methodology of work are based on an individual, holistic approach to everyone identifying that each person requires a customised approach.

Beata says:  “We all are very unique, some of us have stronger or weaker constitution compared to others but the key to health is fairly simple; find the true reason of your struggle and address it in the best tailored way possible. From here on in your body will naturally balance back to heal.  Focusing on curing the symptoms will only delay and worsen the healing process. It’s like stamping on a pin with a bare feet… if you do not remove the pin from your feet, and take a pain killer to stop the pain, the pain will be gone, but only temporally. Remove the pin, disinfect the wound and let your body do the healing work for you. Aren’t we marvellous creations?! ”

Beata is currently running her private practice “Nutrition Fruition” based in Birmingham, UK. She is an author of:  “Give me 100% – Weight loss” programme, “Healthy Pregnancy & Healthy Baby” Programme and the very popular “My Beauty & Cell Rejuvenation” Programme.

In her practise you will find Beata focusing on Natural treatments of Autism, ADHD and autoimmune disorders, whilst specifically guiding clients through the GAPS diet to help clients add nutrient-dense foods in to their diet.