Kefir (Made from Kefir grains)

This kefir is made of gelatinous white grains which contain bacteria and yeast. Kefir originated from the Caucasus Mountains. The word kefir is derived from the Turkish word keyif, which means “feeling good” after its’ ingestion (Lopitz-Otsoa et al., 2006; Tamime, 2006).

Making kefir is an ancient art that is easy to make as part of a busy lifestyle.

If you want the most natural and the strongest form of probiotic, Kefir will be the best option for you.


1 tablespoon of kefir grains

0.5L of Organic milk (raw or pasteurised)


1 fine mesh plastic strainer

Plastic/glass bowl or measuring cup

Cheesecloth, towel or linen napkin

1L glass jar

Wooden or plastic spoon

Rubber/elastic band


  1. Clean the glass jar thoroughly and sterilise it by rinsing it with hot boiled water then leave to cool.
  2. Place the kefir grains in the glass jar.
  3. Pour 0.5L of Organic Milk into the glass jar.
  4. Stir milk and grains together using the wooden or plastic spoon.
  5. Cover with the cheesecloth and secure with rubber/elastic band on top of jar.
  6. Leave in a cupboard in a dark place for a minimum of 24 hours.
  7. Remove cheesecloth and strain grains out of jar before pouring kefir liquid into glass for consumption.
  8. Start another batch, following the steps 1-7

Recommended: Consume Kefir chilled from fridge.

Caution: Kefir Is very rich in lactic acid and can provoke a severe detoxification reaction. Therefore, introduce it slowly and increase the dosage over time gradually.