Beet Kvass

Beet Kvass

Beets are loaded with nutrition, help with indigestion, alkalizes the blood and are a fantastic treatment for kidney stones and other ailments. Beet Kvass is a fabulous drink for purifying blood and tones the liver. It’s also delicious.

The following recipe is my favourite and this is what traditional Grandmother’s in Poland would use.

Many of the ingredients are optional, therefore you can simply use or not use them or dose them to your liking.


2L of purified water

200g or 2 medium organic beets

1-2 teaspoons of sea salt or Himalayan salt

3-6 cloves of peeled garlic (optional)

1 cup of kefir or yoghurt whey (optional)

Small piece of ginger (optional)

3 Bey leaves (optional)

5 Allspice Berries Whole Dried (optional)


1 fine mesh plastic strainer

Plastic/glass bowl or measuring cup


Fermenting Glass jar and fermenting bottles

Wooden or plastic spoon


  1. Clean the glass jar thoroughly and sterilise it by rinsing it with hot boiled water then leave to cool.
  2. Chop the beets into fairly big chunks and place them into the jar
  3. Chop the remaining ingredients and bey leaves and allspice berries
  4. Pour 2L of purified water into the glass jar (just to the to the shoulder of the jar) then cap tightly
  5. Leave on a counter at room temperature for 3-6 days.
  6. Pour into fermenting bottles and store in the fridge
  7. To start another batch, repeat steps 1-6

Recommended:  Consume chilled from fridge.

Caution: Beet Kvass can provoke a severe detoxification reaction. Therefore, introduce it slowly and increase the dosage over time gradually. Start from one teaspoon diluted with water a day, once a day for about a week. Work your way up to a maximum dosage of half a glass in the morning and half a glass at night.

Interesting: make sure you do not use a grater on the beets as extruded juice will result in rapid fermentation that introduces the production of alcohol instead of lactic acid.